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XG Series Wireless Tour Guide Audio System - Rental / Hire - Short / Long Term The XG Series Wireless Tour Guide Audio System ensures your tour participants, customers or visitors can hear every word clearly and easily. We believe that the XG Series Wireless Tour Guide System is the best value for money proposition in Australia, with no exceptions. It is a proven and tested high quality tour guide system that will pass any test for reliability and durability. It has been extensively tested in a broad range of work environments, and with its robust, compact and sleek design, performs perfectly with excellent sound quality… every time! Wireless Compact Tour Guide Systems Can Be Used For: - Factory tours: customers, visitors, staff, manufacturing, facilities tours and presentations - Tour groups: tourist attractions and crowded squares, walking and bike tours - Museum group tours - Schools and exhibitions - Seminars, conferences, court rooms and meetings where live translations are required - Religious services (especially for the elderly that may need hearing assistance)

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