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We assist property owners to ensure their rental properties are compliant with current government regulations related to safety. We offer safety audits ensuring tenants are kept safe due to preventative maintenance. You can count on responsive, courteous service from highly skilled tradesmen who are knowledgeable in all aspects of the business. Our technicians' expertise and professionalism are next to none. Our focus is on: 1) keeping tenants safe and 2) saving landlords money with preventative maintenance and recommendations. We offer for free: • 24 hour support on all smoke alarm faults in between smoke detector audits. • Replacement of batteries & replacement smoke detectors due to faults We also offer: • Safety Audits • Full compliance reports provided • All staff are qualified plumbers or electricians • Rectification quotes available on request • Annual servicing of all smoke alarms by our A-Grade electricians • No setup fees • Free 24 HR support on all smoke alarm faults in between annual smoke detector • Free replacements of batteries and replacement smoke detectors due to faults • Appliance hire available on request Please see our website for more details. 0438 969 053 ______________________ Payment:

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